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Extra-Visible Imaging

JUne 2016 News

The June Infrared Showcase Gallery is now open.


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Revesre Image Searching

I posted a Journal on my Home Page on this topic and I think all our members should take note of the methods described if they wish to check on their own images or are suspicious of images that they come across here.

Reverse Image SearchingReverse Image Searching
From time to time here on DeviantArt, I come across or am told about images that may not be the work of the artist or photographer who has posted them. Sometimes, I also find that my images turns up, without attribution, elsewhere on the Web. In the first case, posting work that is not yours without attribution is morally wrong, and in some cases is illegal. In the second instance, you have been the victim of art theft.
DA has a "Report this image" button on the display page of each image. If you find a dodgy work, you can click this and follow the menu of options to report your suspicions. I have done this on several occasions for works I know to have been filched from elsewhere, and nothing appears to have been done about it  the doubtful works are still displayed. On one occasion, I tackled the perpetrator, but to no avail  I was just blocked.
Often these dodgy deviants are highlighted by vigilant members who post Journals flagging the miscreant, an

I decided to check on some of my infrared images and found several on a site Further, one of our Expert Members, helios-spada has much of his work displayed and credited to the famous American photographer - helios-spada. Needless to say, he was not aware of this accolade.

I found IR photography to be very popular on this site with hosts of shots that thought I recognised. You may wish to check for yourselves to see if any of your works are there. If you find any, let me know and I'll post a list to the site asking for credit to be given.

Here are two links……



Affiliate News


A Gallery/Collection folder "Affiliate Submissions" has been created in the Favourites area for submissions from affiliate members. Such submissions are subject to a one vote acceptance/rejection. Images need NOT be directly related to infrared or extra-visible imaging as we are providing this feature to showcase our colleagues' work.

For affiliate members to submit, they would use the normal "Submit to Group" button on the image display page, followed by selecting Infrared-Club, followed by "Suggest to Group Favourites", selecting the "Affiliate Submissions" folder.
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Following a recent poll which showed members were interested in having more tutorials, here is a list of current tutorials and discussions in the Infrared-Club (Extra-Visible Imaging) Group .

“How to take and postprocess infrared photos” by Francy-93 (Francesca)


Very good introduction and guide for newcomers.

“The Complete Color IR Tutorial Guide Walkthrough” by Vlue (Evan)


More detailed description of working and post-processing infrared images.

“Infrared color gradation” by Aerobozt (Goldy)


A Photoshop based tutorial on how to vary colour in IR photographs by gradients.

“Infrared Photography Preset” by comicidiot


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom preset for post-processing.

“IR Conversions and White Balance” by jythie


A more advanced description of filters and aspects of white balance.

“IR Workflow” by mIkeschwaRz


Excellent post-processing workflow, Photoshop based, but portable to other editing software.

“Canon 40D Conversion – Full Spectrum Imaging” by Okavanga


Some notes about starting out on full spectrum imaging.


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Best of May 2016

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 1, 2016, 12:51 AM

The Infrared-Club (Extra-Visible Imaging) presents its selction for the Best of May 2016.

Welcome to New Members: 

sobodash :iconsobodash: Trichardsen :icontrichardsen: EmadTaj :iconemadtaj: Aya-no-Shrink-Ray :iconaya-no-shrink-ray:

We've had another month of over 100 submissions and I have picked 16 of those to be my Top Submissions of the month.

Untitled by bkiltz

This work by Bruce bkiltz :iconbkiltz: seems to typify the best of contemporary IR photography with its surreal nature, colour rendition and composition.

The Gauldrons Kintyre Jan 2011 Infra Red by WillLanglands

Will's WillLanglands image of the Gauldrons in Kintyre, Scotland, is dark, moody and illustrates a very Scottish seacape, showing seaweed in its IR form!

With sky still in mind, Matt's MatthiasHaltenhof long exposure shot of sea and sky in Mallorca with that rickety jetty is an excellent composition with vertical, horizontal and diagonal contrasts.

Mallorca 42 by MatthiasHaltenhof

Calm before strom (INFRARED) by jeje62

The sky dominates also in Jerome's jeje62 dramatic piece, a 6 shot pano using a modified Canon 20D (mine is still active as well). That lone tree amongst the vines adds compositional weight to a technically highly accomplished work. Compare this to Elvis's work from Bryce canyon. Again the single tree, but with rugged rocks and an almost cloudless sky as backdrops.

Queen's Garden Trail II by eprowe

Hammerbach by Aya-no-Shrink-Ray

I'm a sucker for works like this from Aya Aya-no-Shrink-Ray. The leafiness, the wee burn trickling through, the depth, the shadows on the tree trunks all spell lovely country on a lovely sunny day.

Another Magic Garden by JohnK222

I was really struck by this shot from John JohnK222. The contrast between the texture of the sky and foliage is remarkable, and would not have been as effective in visible light. The sense of depth is brought out by the path, but to me there is a slight feeling of unease about what might be waiting further along! Great shot.

Ruins of ancient Ashkelon. by leospek

A beautifully balanced shot from leonid leospek juxtaposing living nature and ancient man-made ruins perfectly illustrates the power of IR to highlight the essentials of a composition. Great lead line with the fence, balancing small trees/bushes either side, sky swirling up like mist from the tree. Brilliant.

Hill Tree by helios-spada

Helios helios-spada has presented a large number of images this month, all of which I could have featured! I have picked this one as representative of his style with its dramatic colour (a blue trunk for the tree), augmented here with a dramatic sky. 

Steve SteveCampbell has won a well-deserved DD for the following image. Newbie and experienced IR photographers would do well to study this image for its use of framing, curving lead lines, rhythms of curves and contrasts of detail.

Hyde Park - Infrared by SteveCampbell

By way of contrast with images having an architectural theme, this shot by Kasia, catiaphotostudio also displays the contrasts between man-made solid buildings as IR inactive structures and living  foliage as the dominat forms in IR work. Note also the lovely ghosting of people on the path from the 8 second exposure.

Infrared Grudziadz by catiaphotostudio

Now two contrasting IR HDR images, the first from Olivier bamboomix and the second from Sebastian seba-j.  Olivier's work of a path with tree, wall and landscape is a 590 nm shot, thus has some red component that allows scope for developing colour. The result is, as always with Olivier's work, dramatic, subtle, and refined. As for composition, note the placement of the tree and the geometric diagonals of the wall and distant hill. By contrast, Sebastian's work is an "in your face" some would say OTT HDR image of high global and local contrast with strong diagonals, tilted buildings all suggestive that this shot was taken on another world! Although I have moved away from such a high contrast HDR style, I still love this as an example of surrealism in combinedIR and HDR work.

Le sentier des Drailles by bamboomix  Pond by seba-j

I'll round off this month's Feature with some people work.

Rob robpolder has such a tough life when it comes to photographing models as seen in the image below, one of a set of pin up shots. Exactly what the young lady is looking so surprised about, we can leave to our imaginations! However, the image shows the characteristic IR tones for the blouse, gloves and hair, with the eye lash mascara jet black - a sure sign of a carbon based product.

pinup-IR2 by robpolder

Rob is not alone when it comes to model work. Peter grandart also has a strong style with such shots as this. 

Infrared Nude seated by grandart

Finally, congratulations to Mike mIkeschwaRz and his bride upon their wedding.

My.IR.Wedding by mIkeschwaRz

That' all for now, folks.


David aka Okavanga.


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Best of April 2016

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 29, 2016, 2:20 AM

Welcome to this month's Best of April 2016 Feature.

New members: SteveCampbell :iconstevecampbell: DerrickButler814::iconderrickbutler814: eDDie-TK :iconeddie-tk:

Two items of news: Lady-Compassion is setting up a new Gradients Package,  and I had an extensive look at Raw Files and IR Photography Raw Files and Infrared Photography following discussions with eprowe and Lugal. For those who are interested in the nuts and bolts of RAW files then I highly recommend the RawDigger software ==> One conclusion from this study was that we can probably afford to over exposure by about 1 stop (at least on Canon cameras) before any clipping is likely to occur in Raw files of IR photographs. Experimentation  with your own cameras is worthwhile to see if this holds for other makes. The advantages of this IR version of Expose to the Right (ETTR) could be better signal to noise ratios, and better contrasts. Fell free to add comments.

We have had over 100 submissions this month - now that Spring is here in the Northern Hemisphere - buds are bursting - shutters are clicking! As with last month, I have picked my Top Submissions (15 this month, and added some comments about each.

  How far's Oz ?  IRD200-1755, with story by harrietsfriend  Weathered barn.IRD200-1773, with story by harrietsfriend

Eugene harrietsfriend is a fine photographer of long-standing. He has recently been working out with his new Infrared Nikon, and I have chosen these two of his submissions to show  not only his compositional expertise but also the surreal effect added to his subjects by using this particular colour combination.

Continuing with the theme of colour in IR work helios-spada and bamboomix offer a stimulating comparison, see below.

     At Mt. Greenwich by helios-spada     Valley of dreams by bamboomix

The shot by Helios (left above) provides a classic reflection shot of trees in water with a classic composition of the main elements, but it is the interpretation and implementation of colour that drives the eye. There is no need these days to limit IR work to simple red-blue channels swaps or monochrome - colour freedom rules the IR wavelengths. Similarly, Olivier's shot of Rocamadour is a classic composition - I know that spot well - with its sweep of buildings and road around on the left echoed by the valley floor and railway track on the right, but his interpretation in terms of colour is unique - rockin', red Rocamadour!

I'm moving to people for my next picks with robpolder , one of our most enthusiastic and talented IR photographers of beautiful women (tough, but someone's gotta do it, Rob) introducing us to Hana.

Introducing Hana by robpolder

I think this is an absolutely stunning portrait, and I cannot understand why the shot has so few views and faves - go fave it now! The detail, the precision, the pose, the highlights, the shadows, the focus, the little tangle of hair, that opal in the ring with its highlight winking at you, rhyming with the catch lights in the eyes, the pearly opalescence of the skin - IR to the fore - the droop earring matching the ear - why on earth is this not a top image on DA? Go check out the rest of the photographs of Hana on Rob's page right now!

For my second people pick, I've chosen one from grandart. Peter is a regular contributor to the Group, but his fine work has perhaps been overlooked in the past. I've chosen this shot, rendered with what is likely to be the out-of-camera reddish colour cast, because of its dynamism, from the wild thrown hair, to the outstretched arm, diagonal leg, to the twist of the body. The overall effect, to me, seem as if it has been shot underwater. The IR component reflected in the "white" foliage and pearly skin adds to a super image.

Extasy on the Roof by grandart

From colour and people on to monochrome works. Perhaps the outstanding monochrome shot this month is from one of our new people, SteveCampbell .

Bondi - Infrared by SteveCampbell

A long-exposure, infrared, HDR panorama, with exposure times from 15 to 208 seconds (!) on a Canon 1Dmk3 fitted with a 720 nm filter - hmmm... well a least I have Canon equipment, but from then on I reckon most of us are out-gunned. The composition is outstanding with that dominant boulder set in its rocky surrounds with the backdrop of time-stretched clouds and silky sea. The IR effct is seen not only directly in the whitened trees to the right background, but also indirectly in the tonal values/balance of the rocks. Stunning work.

No Best of Feature would be complete without a contribution from Elvis's eprowe continuing series of the byways of the States. This example is number 95, if my Roman Numerals do not deceive, in a series currently standing at 103. This image stands close comparison with that of SteveCampbell . Elvis uses the bright white tree on the right hand side to capture the eye (the Woods Effect par excellence - pardon my IR pun) and uses the road to lead our vision around the rest of the panorama. That dramatic cloud-streaked sky also makes us of the IR effect for its deep tones, while greys and textures dominate the landscape aspects of the scene. There is an almost mirror image version in the XCVI composition.

Byways XCV by eprowe

A third monochrome image that struck me with its considerable merit is that from another new member eDDie-TK , below left. Simplicity of composition is matched with an excellent tonal range, a feeling of open lands to conquer, and a wonderful sense of windy movement from the stretched out clouds. A similar approach to openness and the vast expanse of sky and land is taken with Rizone 's colour shot of a lonesome tree, below right. I think the shadow from the tree is particularly telling, black against the colour.

Avalo School by eDDie-TK   Solitude by Rizone

Heading into flower power, we have two excellent examples, one from mIkeschwaRz: and the other from vw1956. For IR photographers who have not ventured into the realm of flower photography, it is a rich area for dramatic effect, use of colour channel swapping, and rendition of detail. Basic composition is often starightforward, and using a large aperture allows the background to be blurred. Both Mike and Volker are masters of these techniques.

IR.Tulipa by mIkeschwaRz   left blue by vw1956

Finally, some other shots that caught my eye.

Big, bright and blue, this image from Elandria (below left) hits all the classical IR buttons - bright whites in the foliage to bright blues from a channel swapped sky, and the memento mori of grey tombstones! The ecclesiastical feel continues with swiftmoonphoto 's study and its (unintended?) irony of an empty car park, but full graveyard. The contrast of full majestic tree next to the man-made church and spire also invites speculation about which will last the longer! Food for thought.

Not So Alien 12 UNRESTRICTED by Elandria  Church in IR by swiftmoonphoto

And, finally, Alexandre1950 provides a good example of an IR image with a total blue hue, reminiscent of cyanotypes, and full of deep shadows from shady trees, deep depth from the perspective, and perhaps just a touch of deep Russian soul.

Img 9903-1 by Alexandre1950

With such a large number of submissions this month, and many photographers submitting several excellent pieces, my choices for the Best of April are necessarily very subjective. I've tried to combine examples of the different styles and areas in IR photography with works from the top photographers. I hope you have enjoyed them. Many Thanks to all members for their support and for all contributions.

Don't forget to visit our sister Group #r72: :iconr72:


David aka Okavanga :iconokavanga:

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