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Extra-Visible Imaging

December 2015 News

The December Folders are now open.


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Members' Journals
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Revesre Image Searching

I posted a Journal on my Home Page on this topic and I think all our members should take note of the methods described if they wish to check on their own images or are suspicious of images that they come across here.

Reverse Image SearchingReverse Image Searching
From time to time here on DeviantArt, I come across or am told about images that may not be the work of the artist or photographer who has posted them. Sometimes, I also find that my images turns up, without attribution, elsewhere on the Web. In the first case, posting work that is not yours without attribution is morally wrong, and in some cases is illegal. In the second instance, you have been the victim of art theft.
DA has a "Report this image" button on the display page of each image. If you find a dodgy work, you can click this and follow the menu of options to report your suspicions. I have done this on several occasions for works I know to have been filched from elsewhere, and nothing appears to have been done about it  the doubtful works are still displayed. On one occasion, I tackled the perpetrator, but to no avail  I was just blocked.
Often these dodgy deviants are highlighted by vigilant members who post Journals flagging the miscreant, an

I decided to check on some of my infrared images and found several on a site Further, one of our Expert Members, helios-spada has much of his work displayed and credited to the famous American photographer - helios-spada. Needless to say, he was not aware of this accolade.

I found IR photography to be very popular on this site with hosts of shots that thought I recognised. You may wish to check for yourselves to see if any of your works are there. If you find any, let me know and I'll post a list to the site asking for credit to be given.

Here are two links……



Affiliate News


A Gallery/Collection folder "Affiliate Submissions" has been created in the Favourites area for submissions from affiliate members. Such submissions are subject to a one vote acceptance/rejection. Images need NOT be directly related to infrared or extra-visible imaging as we are providing this feature to showcase our colleagues' work.

For affiliate members to submit, they would use the normal "Submit to Group" button on the image display page, followed by selecting Infrared-Club, followed by "Suggest to Group Favourites", selecting the "Affiliate Submissions" folder.
:iconfine-art-nudes: Fine-Art-Nudes :icontandemfeatures: TandemFeatures #Collaborations #TandemFeatures :icondevexposed: devExposed Photos using exposure techniques :iconstellar-landscapers: Stellar-Landscapers :iconextra-visible-images: Extra-Visible-Images :iconinfrared-people: Infrared-People InfraPeople :iconwhoneedscolour: WhoNeedsColour Tell me: Who? :iconnz-ir-hdr: NZ-IR-HDR :iconphotoseries: PhotoSeries :iconphoto-logic-sense: Photo-Logic-Sense Photography Techniques :iconcolorfulphotos: ColorfulPhotos :iconlove-nikon: Love-Nikon :iconnon-real: non-real non-real :iconindoinfrared: IndoInfrared Indonesian Infrared Photography :iconartworldtoday: ArtWorldToday Virtual First Friday Art Walk :iconhdrscapes: HDRscapes :iconstudio-28: Studio-28 Sharing the world around us! :iconabstract-and-surreal: Abstract-and-Surreal :iconinfrared-anonymous: Infrared-Anonymous :iconr72: r72 Infrared Photography


Following a recent poll which showed members were interested in having more tutorials, here is a list of current tutorials and discussions in the Infrared-Club (Extra-Visible Imaging) Group .

“How to take and postprocess infrared photos” by Francy-93 (Francesca)


Very good introduction and guide for newcomers.

“The Complete Color IR Tutorial Guide Walkthrough” by Vlue (Evan)


More detailed description of working and post-processing infrared images.

“Infrared color gradation” by Aerobozt (Goldy)


A Photoshop based tutorial on how to vary colour in IR photographs by gradients.

“Infrared Photography Preset” by comicidiot


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom preset for post-processing.

“IR Conversions and White Balance” by jythie


A more advanced description of filters and aspects of white balance.

“IR Workflow” by mIkeschwaRz


Excellent post-processing workflow, Photoshop based, but portable to other editing software.

“Canon 40D Conversion – Full Spectrum Imaging” by Okavanga


Some notes about starting out on full spectrum imaging.


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Best of October/November

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 29, 2015, 7:05 AM

The Infrared-Club (Extra-Visible Imaging) presents a selection of the best images submitted during the months of October and November.


First, welcome to New Members: Don-Mirakl :icondon-mirakl: StephenBarlow :iconstephenbarlow: Sminott :iconsminott:


Second, my usual plea for help in running the Group - anyone who would like to help develop and run the Group, for example by suibmitting a Feature, or helping with selections of images, or in any other way is most welcome to contact me. For example, our Exposure Techniques section is flagging and someone who is willing to develop that area would be most appreciated.


Third, our sister Group, #R72 :iconr72: is also looking for contributions by way of tutorials, features and so on about post-processing IR photographs. We have lots of such information in our archives in this Group, but anyone keen to help :iconr72: should contact mIkeschwaRz and/or MichiLauke


Now, on with the show!


I think the "people" submissions have been particularly strong over the last two months. I have kept my selections, normally, to one per photographer per grouping, but must mention robpolder (and the birds) for his many splendid works. (OK - I chose two of his.)

 Leah Infrared by jblaschke :iconjblaschke:  Yana by Alexandre1950  :iconalexandre1950:  Darknessdude by Sercy  :iconsercy:

Christina.. by robpolder :iconrobpolder:    IR.Sweeties by mIkeschwaRz  :iconmikeschwarz:

Shoot Noir 2 by robpolder :iconrobpolder:  Goddess with Tattoo by grandart :icongrandart:


Scapes and Stuff

As with the people photography, I've tried to limit my choices to one per member, but would highlight the range of submissions from RuralCrossroads360 for particular praise.

One Curve.. by robpolder  :iconrobpolder:  Byways LXXII by eprowe  :iconeprowe:  On the water by seba-j :iconseba-j:  Spring over Central by ARC-Photographic  :iconarc-photographic:

By The Westmain Bridge(IR) by RuralCrossroads360  :iconruralcrossroads360:  Oldschool Claas by mIkeschwaRz  :iconmikeschwarz:  Window by mugurelm  :iconmugurelm:

 Prague Noir - II by DimensionSeven  :icondimensionseven:


Trees and Flowers

Very much worth highlighting some of these, although they also fall into other categories.

SunThrough by Coopyslav :iconcoopyslav:  Infrared row of trees by Sminott  :iconsminott:  Helix pomatia by mIkeschwaRz :iconmikeschwarz:  Valentine Roses IR IV by LDFranklin :iconldfranklin:



I'm very keen on the use of bold colour in post-processing IR work, so here are a few of my choices. Note in particular the image from myINQI - infrared film - Ektachrome EIR.

Colour infrared - graveyard by Sminott  :iconsminott:  The colors of Autumn - Part XII by myINQI  :iconmyinqi:  :: A Night Without You :: by dewanggapratama  :icondewanggapratama:

 Babylon willow by mIkeschwaRz  :iconmikeschwarz:

The Gate by bamboomix  :iconbamboomix:  Magic is Here by systemcat  :iconsystemcat:  Neist Point - Ektachrome EIR by myINQI  :iconmyinqi:


That's all for now. many thanks to all members for their submissions.


David Okavanga :iconokavanga:


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Half 'n Half: IR - Full Spectrum

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 7, 2015, 10:00 AM
Once upon a time, in a Galaxy far, far away - the garden at my cottage in Scotland, actually - I discovered that if I placed a Cokin 3 stop neutral density filter (plastic rather than glass support medium) in front of the lens of my full spectrum converted camera (Canon 40D) the neutral density filter blocked visible light, as it should, but did not block infrared light. The result was that unless the incoming light was particularly colourful or had little infrared light in it, then the final image looked like an infrared shot. As blue skies are lacking infrared light so they can remain blue in these images, and such shots have a characteristic look, see here for some recent examples of what I now call the Okavanga Technique ==>   Infrared InterludeI naturally took my Canon 40D camera to South Africa, the one converted to full spectrum capabilities. Using the Okavanga Technique of placing a Cokin 3-stop neutral density filter in front of the lens creates infrared images with blue skies and "white" foliage, while placing an R72 (720 nm) filter in front of the lens creates full monochrome infrared images. The magic of post-processing with Lightroom allows some colour splash effects. On the whole I was disappointed with my infrared work on this vacation, the camera having difficulty in focussing correctly - an ominous development. Nevertheless, some shots were OK. Here is a short selection.

I thought it might be fun to use, instead of a full ND filter, a graduated filter whereby part of the light would be subjected to 3 stops blocking of visible light with a gradual diminution of the effect along the graduation of the filter. The idea was that there would be a gradual transition from an IR image to a full spectrum image. However, some unexpected results were obtained as explained shortly, and I changed the technique to using a full ND filter, but only partially covering the lens! Hence the name of this Feature - Half 'n Half. (Any Scots who might chance upon this will realise that  a Hauf 'n Hauf has another meaning, so please comment!)

Let's see an image and develop the idea. The first shot shows what I had hoped would appear out of the camera. The ND filter is covering the top half of the lens, and there is no filter over the bottom half. The Okavanga Technique is apparent at the top - blue sky, and "white" foliage for the trees. Towards the bottom we have the Full Spectrum image with coloured canal water and some orange/gold coloured foliage. The second image is a bit more subtle in the effect, and this is one that used a graduated filter - top 3 stops block, bottom zero block of light. The idea that I had is clearly seen!

Half 'n Half 1 by Okavanga   Half 'n Half 2 by Okavanga  

Unfortunately, neither of these images looked remotely like these presentations when they came out of the camera. I've worked hard to make them look like I thought they should. The third image is much more indicative of what actually occurs. The top is again the IR part, and the bottom the FS part. It is the top IR portion that fooled me for some time - it has a magenta cast - looks pink even to my anomalously trichromatic vision. When I shoot with this camera, I have the white balance set to a grey card as seen through a 720 nm IR filter. Hence, any red/magenta colouration ought to be excluded. Using a graduated filter or a half 'n half filter is confusing the white balance setting, resulting in the reappearance of a magenta cast in the IR portion of the image. That was apparent in the two shots above, but I removed the cast by desaturating the magenta channel using Lightroom. I left the magenta alone in the images below.

Half 'n Half 3 by Okavanga

I kind of like the look of these magenta IR/FS images, so I decided to hit the gas! With the last two shots, I pushed the saturation way up, simply to explore the creative potential.

Half 'n Half 4 by Okavanga Half 'n Half 5 by Okavanga

There is a great deal of potential to be had from using filters with infrared and full spectrum cameras, and this short Feature has introduced the idea of using graduated or half filters to develop creative images,  -surreal or what?

Many Thanks for viewing, and don't forget to visit :iconinfrared-club:  - the place for IR innovation.

Our sister Group :iconr72: is also worth visiting.


David :iconokavanga: Okavanga

:iconinfrared-club: :iconinfrared-club: :iconinfrared-club: :iconinfrared-club: :iconinfrared-club: 

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This Group is for all photographers interested in infrared photography, UV photography and in exposure techniques such as HDR, long exposure, light painting and so on. that generate extra-visible images.
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The Group has expanded considerably from a few months ago, and with the expansion has come additional work running the Group. We have many able and talented members whose contributions have been recognised by becoming Expert Members.

However, I am now looking for (experienced) members to help out at the Associate level. This is the level where development of Groups occurs as well as the main day-to-day running. Ideally, I would like someone who has some experience of CSS to help develop a house style, and/or someone who could develop affiliations.

If ANY member (including Expert Members) is interested, please note me.

Many Thanks



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ratinrage Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
:wave: thanks sooo much for the request :)
vw1956 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Just wanted to say Goodbye as  a member of Your group. Reason(s) given at my actual journal...
Okavanga Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015
I copy here my reply to your comment in your Journal, Volker, and repeat that I am sorry that you feel you must leave the Group.

Volker - I'm very sorry to see that you have left Infrared-Club Volker; your contributions will be sadly missed. I am a little concerned about the comment that I as "Founder" (and the Admin) have ignored your "stuff". As I recall, your work, usually many images, has featured in every monthly Best of ....Feature since I took over running the Group a few years ago. I have tried to highlight your work on several occasions, and supported and promoted particular features such as your excellent calender last year - I even bought a copy and made some suggestions for your forthcoming one. In addition, we have discussed very recently the difficulties of trying get attention for work within Groups, not just your work but everyone's. There are no easy answers to getting more attention on DA.

I hope you will reconsider that part of your Journal and acknowledge the role that :iconinfrared-club: has had in promoting your excellent photography.

LightSculpting Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I thank you so very much for the honor!! Your works are wonderful, it's such a pleasure to be a part of this great group, thank you!!
Okavanga Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015
Our pleasure, to be sure.

Many Thanks

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