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Extra-Visible Imaging

Changes and New Folders

I am making some significant changes to the Group.

For the foreseeable future there will be two Open Folders, one for IR submissions and one for Exposure Technique submissions. The monthly folders will no longer be supported. The June Folders are now closed.

ALL members can have up to 5 submissions per week to both folders, but ALL submissions are now subject to a 2 vote acceptance, including those for Expert Members. Expert Members and Associates can vote.

There are vacancies for Associates.


Gallery Folders

Infrared panorama
Infrared people
Infrared Trees and Plants
Lomo and Similar
Reference and Tutorials
Leucareth's Choice

Expert Member Folders


I have compiled a set of folders containing examples of work from some of our senior Expert Members. I hope that everyone will view these to see the range of styles, subject matter and quality of work that is possible in infrared and exposure technique photography.

Our good friend Michael MichiLauke is running a similar scheme at :iconr72: here ==>….

The list is likely to be updated from time to time.

agelisgeo ==>…

dewanggapratama ==>…

DimensionSeven ==>…

Enkased ==>…

helios-spada ==>…

hirza ==>…

Leucareth ==>…

MichiLauke ==>…

mIkeschwaRz ==>…

Phostructor ==>…

richardldixon ==>…

robpolder ==>…

The complete set of galleries can be found here ==>…, or by clicking on the Expert Members' Showcase Gallery Folder Tab in the main Gallery Folder.

Please take time to browse through the work of these photographers.

David aka Okavanga :iconokavanga:


If there is anyone of the Expert Members interested in playing a more active role in the running of the Group as an Associate, please note me.




Members' Journals
Test Collection

Revesre Image Searching

I posted a Journal on my Home Page on this topic and I think all our members should take note of the methods described if they wish to check on their own images or are suspicious of images that they come across here.

Reverse Image SearchingReverse Image Searching
From time to time here on DeviantArt, I come across or am told about images that may not be the work of the artist or photographer who has posted them. Sometimes, I also find that my images turns up, without attribution, elsewhere on the Web. In the first case, posting work that is not yours without attribution is morally wrong, and in some cases is illegal. In the second instance, you have been the victim of art theft.
DA has a "Report this image" button on the display page of each image. If you find a dodgy work, you can click this and follow the menu of options to report your suspicions. I have done this on several occasions for works I know to have been filched from elsewhere, and nothing appears to have been done about it  the doubtful works are still displayed. On one occasion, I tackled the perpetrator, but to no avail  I was just blocked.
Often these dodgy deviants are highlighted by vigilant members who post Journals flagging the miscreant, an

I decided to check on some of my infrared images and found several on a site Further, one of our Expert Members, helios-spada has much of his work displayed and credited to the famous American photographer - helios-spada. Needless to say, he was not aware of this accolade.

I found IR photography to be very popular on this site with hosts of shots that thought I recognised. You may wish to check for yourselves to see if any of your works are there. If you find any, let me know and I'll post a list to the site asking for credit to be given.

Here are two links……



Affiliate News


A Gallery/Collection folder "Affiliate Submissions" has been created in the Favourites area for submissions from affiliate members. Such submissions are subject to a one vote acceptance/rejection. Images need NOT be directly related to infrared or extra-visible imaging as we are providing this feature to showcase our colleagues' work.

For affiliate members to submit, they would use the normal "Submit to Group" button on the image display page, followed by selecting Infrared-Club, followed by "Suggest to Group Favourites", selecting the "Affiliate Submissions" folder.
:iconfine-art-nudes: Fine-Art-Nudes :icontandemfeatures: TandemFeatures #Collaborations #TandemFeatures :icondevexposed: devExposed Photos using exposure techniques :iconstellar-landscapers: Stellar-Landscapers :iconextra-visible-images: Extra-Visible-Images :iconinfrared-people: Infrared-People InfraPeople :iconwhoneedscolour: WhoNeedsColour Tell me: Who? :iconnz-ir-hdr: NZ-IR-HDR :iconphotoseries: PhotoSeries :iconphoto-logic-sense: Photo-Logic-Sense Photography Techniques :iconcolorfulphotos: ColorfulPhotos :iconlove-nikon: Love-Nikon :iconnon-real: non-real non-real :iconindoinfrared: IndoInfrared Indonesian Infrared Photography :iconartworldtoday: ArtWorldToday Virtual First Friday Art Walk :iconhdrscapes: HDRscapes :iconstudio-28: Studio-28 Sharing the world around us! :iconabstract-and-surreal: Abstract-and-Surreal :iconinfrared-anonymous: Infrared-Anonymous :iconr72: r72 Infrared Photography


Following a recent poll which showed members were interested in having more tutorials, here is a list of current tutorials and discussions in the Infrared-Club (Extra-Visible Imaging) Group .

“How to take and postprocess infrared photos” by Francy-93 (Francesca)


Very good introduction and guide for newcomers.

“The Complete Color IR Tutorial Guide Walkthrough” by Vlue (Evan)


More detailed description of working and post-processing infrared images.

“Infrared color gradation” by Aerobozt (Goldy)


A Photoshop based tutorial on how to vary colour in IR photographs by gradients.

“Infrared Photography Preset” by comicidiot


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom preset for post-processing.

“IR Conversions and White Balance” by jythie


A more advanced description of filters and aspects of white balance.

“IR Workflow” by mIkeschwaRz


Excellent post-processing workflow, Photoshop based, but portable to other editing software.

“Canon 40D Conversion – Full Spectrum Imaging” by Okavanga


Some notes about starting out on full spectrum imaging.


I don't know what i'm doing wrong when it comes to Infrared-photography
but i always end up so much noise that i can't even use the photos :/

What am i doing wrong? :O

Mature Content

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Best of June 2015

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 28, 2015, 6:16 AM

Welcome to the Best of June 2015 Feature from Infrared-Club

This is going to be the last such Feature for some time. I've run out of steam, and I need a break. There will be some organisational changes, notably that there is now an Open Folder for both  IR and Exposure Technique work with ALL members, regardless of status, limited to 5 submissions per week. 

I draw your attention to my previous post ==>  Development of the GroupI've been thinking for some time about the future of :iconinfrared-club: We have come quite some way since I took over more than 3 years ago. Nearly 700 members, a few thousand submissions, about 120 (!) Journals/Features, some fruitful discussions, many experimental and reference submissions and so on. Mostly, the Group runs smoothly with the semi-open policy that I instituted; submissions from regular members have a 1 vote acceptance of submissions - more to do with category errors than quality issues; those members who submit quality work on a regular basis are invited to become Expert Members with a 10 submission auto acceptance limit. To broaden the nature of the Extra-Visible aspect of the Group I introduced the Exposure Technique category for mainly HDR and long exposure work.  People come and go but we have many continuing members, some of whose work is outstanding by any photographic criteria. Help is given mainly to the compilation of the "Best of..." monthly feature.
. Any further comments would be most welcome.

Welcome to new members: egypt04 :iconegypt04: soulman1964 :iconsoulman1964: s-pwyll :icons-pwyll: DurantStudio :icondurantstudio: MastersImagingPhotos :iconmastersimagingphotos: amy-elle :iconamy-elle: and to LightSculpting :iconlightsculpting: on being made an Expert Member.

A special mention to puu4ux for this incredible 360 degree panorama!

DSC 8938 stitch out by puu4ux

Best Infrared Images for June 2015


Wedding formal, infrared by jblaschke  jblaschke Miranda and Nathan by Phostructor   Phostructor not smoking at 720nm by vw1956  vw1956  

Mature Content

Samson and Delilah 5 in IR by grandart


Mature Content

souls by hellmet
  hellmet sunshine... by vw1956  vw1956


IR Landscape by vw1956 vw1956  Byways XXIII - Blue Version by eprowe  eprowe  Rubber Picnic by Metal-Bender  Metal-Bender  1064 by Nigrita  Nigrita

The Alps by mIkeschwaRz  mIkeschwaRz  400 peaks by mIkeschwaRz  mIkeschwaRz  Iceland by mIkeschwaRz  mIkeschwaRz

Flowers and Trees 

Comfort Maple Tree 3 (IR) by RuralCrossroads360  RuralCrossroads360    Y Tree II by helios-spada  helios-spada  16 x 9. BW. II by IgorVladi  IgorVladi  Snow Lilly by s-pwyll  s-pwyll

Infrared House by DurantStudio  DurantStudio  breathe by werol  werol  Cementary by MaxArceus  MaxArceus  glamorous by vw1956  vw1956

The Only Moment We Were Alone by Metal-Bender  Metal-Bender  positiv 48 by steineib-photography steineib-photography  LilyIsLand by IgorVladi  IgorVladi


Devil's Bridge by bamboomix  bamboomix  Ghent St. Baafs Cathedral window by robpolder  robpolder  Childhood Dreams - IR by Wayman  Wayman Sunset at Keel SQ - IR by Wayman  Wayman

 Parallel by drhussamm  drhussamm Capra by mIkeschwaRz  mIkeschwaRz  Baby Blue - Infrared by LightSculpting  LightSculpting


Oslo Opera House II by robpolder  robpolder  Chinese Teahouse II by vw1956  vw1956  Over the wall by egypt04  egypt04  Ann Dixon's Tomb  IR rld 10 dasm by richardldixon  richardldixon

Best Exposure Techniques Images

St Anne by bamboomix    bamboomix  Rideau Falls (HDR) by BrettAZimmerman  BrettAZimmerman  Invading Lilly Pads by systemcat  systemcat  Madeira 3 by sylverface  sylverface

eggHDR1721 by The-Egg  The-Egg  Bella Corsica by ratinrage  ratinrage  Temporal Rift by Laanscapes  Laanscapes  Can 2014-2 by Laanscapes  Laanscapes

That's All Folks


David aka :iconokavanga:


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Group Info

This Group is for all photographers interested in infrared photography, UV photography and in exposure techniques such as HDR, long exposure, light painting and so on. that generate extra-visible images.
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Extra-Visible Imaging infrared HDR exposure techniques

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Locations of Site Visitors


Admin Help Required


The Group has expanded considerably from a few months ago, and with the expansion has come additional work running the Group. We have many able and talented members whose contributions have been recognised by becoming Expert Members.

However, I am now looking for (experienced) members to help out at the Associate level. This is the level where development of Groups occurs as well as the main day-to-day running. Ideally, I would like someone who has some experience of CSS to help develop a house style, and/or someone who could develop affiliations.

If ANY member (including Expert Members) is interested, please note me.

Many Thanks




Add a Comment:
LightSculpting Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I thank you so very much for the honor!! Your works are wonderful, it's such a pleasure to be a part of this great group, thank you!!
Okavanga Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015
Our pleasure, to be sure.

Many Thanks

systemcat Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015  Professional General Artist
A request for active members of this group. I am soon going to own a camera that can do this form of photography. Now I'd love to learn by example of what is being posted here. Could some of you post non-software edited photos up? I'd like to set my expectations high of what I'll be able to do with my new camera, plain & simple :).
eprowe Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer

I have to plug my own web-site here,  If you mouse over the photos I publish there you will see the image before post processing.  Mind you I have a custom white balance already set in camera so that is one thing I don't have to worry about.  Hope that helps you out.
Okavanga Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015
An interesting request, Erin! Almost all IR photography has to have post-processing to overcome red or magenta casts that arise, and most photographers in this area also have their own styles, eg monochrome, that have involved post-processing. So, almost everything you see posted as a finished work has been edited one way or another. It just goes with the territory. Nevertheless, if you go to our References and Tutorials Gallery…, and hunt about, there are some examples of unedited images, and of other aspects of IR and full spectrum photography that will give an impression of what goes on.

What I suggest is that when you get your camera, take a few shots, and post them (we have an open acceptance policy - but note me and I'' make sure they are accepted) and we can help build up your skills from those. There is a bit of a learning curve, but having acquires some basic skills, you will soon be flying into the surreal world of IR.

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